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In order to ensure that we create an experience for anyone who connects with us, we have carefully designed some special programs and events to extend our reach and help create content for our platforms. These events are listed below. Please click on the "View More" buttons for more information.

S  P  A  R  K  S


ChildSpark Initiative, Inc. introduces a new film festival focussed on developing and promoting the art of storytelling through motion                                                                 pictures among young people in Africa.

                                                       Annually, the attention of the world will                                                          be drawn to the creativity of these

                                                         young people as they surmount                                                                    challenges and work to create a better

                                                   world for themselves. Platforms are created across  the world for these amazing stories of human resilience and triumph even in difficult circumstances.. 

Spotlight on a Rapper




ChildSpark Initiative, Inc. is committed to creating a new generation of children and and young people who are equipped to write stories about various topics that border on the welfare, health, education, protection and self-esteem

of children and young people in Africa, Caribbean Islands and 


will create a sustainable platform for the exhibition of these

stories through syndication, newsletters and social media. Our goal

is to see as many young people as people becomepublished authors and pursue careers in writing if they so desire. In addition to continuous training and access to resource materials, there are prizes to win .


Photo Competition

ChildSpark Initiative, Inc. continues in her tradition of developing and promoting the art of storytelling through photography in Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and around the world. Each year, the organization awards the winning prize to the winner of a competition that has continued to celebrate children and their well-deserved right to be just children. This competition comes up in the Summer. The winner is chosen through votes received on all our social media platforms.


Bright & Beautiful

This is a unique television talk show hosted by children for children. It covers a wide range of issues concerning children and their well-being. Designed originally to run for a season exclusively on our YouTube channel, it promises to be a show like no other. It is to become the primary platform for information dissemination on all aspects of this initiative.

Initial Bill 2 copy 2 copyB.jpg


In order to appreciate the peculiarity of a child's worldview, his or her aspirations and challenges, stories are needed to provide a balanced understanding. To this end, Child Spark Initiative, Inc. in conjunction with Topido Entertainment & Media Company, is producing a series of documentaries and short films. We are working with individuals and entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of this special aspect of our work and the first in the series titled "Burdened Hope" is slated for release in Summer, 2020. Watch out!

Burdened Hope Poster 1b_edited-1.jpg
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