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Performing Arts Workshop

The city of New York hosted the maiden workshop of Child Spark Initiative children from African migrant and host communities in the United States of America in the Summer of 2017.


This workshop will be preceded by auditions in seven cities around the tri-State area. A total of fifty-four children will be invited to the workshop which holds in Manhattan.


The participating children are tutored in the art of singing by seasoned musicians and vocalists. They sing "LOVE IS THE GREATEST", the project theme song written by Tope Idowu and arranged by Richard Danley.  They will be performing with a celebrity vocalist and a 35-piece orchestra.


An African children folk song will also be learnt, rehearsed and performed. The instrumentation has been arranged by a music producer from Nigeria who will interface with the children via the internet.


In addition to the singing and performances, the children will acquire goal setting skills and participate in the production of a stop-motion film based on a children book.


Music is the most important aspect of this project.  The song "LOVE IS THE GREATEST" is first performed by a group of seven children to creat the initial spark for the project. A 54-member choir of children between the ages of 10 and 13 years from communities around the USA will be established thereafter to perform nine other songs with concurrent performances from 25-member children choirs in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Canada, England, Haiti, Liberia and Jamaica.

Love Is the Greatest Badge 4 website cop

Written and composed by TOPE IDOWU, the song was arranged by RICHARD DANLEY and performed by a group of seasoned instrumentalists in ..... Studios, in Manhattan, New York.

African Children Folk Songs

Eight children folk songs from the participating countries are performed by the children, a song from each country. This enables the children and the target audience to gain insight into the beauty of children at play in Africa and around the world; and appreciate the need to create more opportunities for disadvantaged children to aspire and reach for their dreams. 

"Love Is The Greatest"

Love is the greatest of all

A never-ending joy

A fountain spurting

From your heart


Love is the kindness you show

Not the pain not the woe

You suffer

As though it’s fair


Look in the world and see

The love that surrounds us

How much of it do we deserve

What’s the worth of love we bear


Show love to everyone you see

And chase away all strife

The kindness you show

Reveals how beautiful you are....


Love is the passion you feel

The urge to make things right

When the world

Into slime drifts


Love is that helping hand

To pull your brother out

Of misery and




If we can act and we can give

Of ourselves and show true love

What a better world it would be

What a safer world to all


When we are capable of love

We beam our light so bright

We chase away the dark

And hope makes our world so brand new


Love… love…  love….


When you love you’ve found

That peace that’s beyond reason

When you care you give

The strength for them to go on

When you help you love

And the world is all you ever dream it be

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