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The entire project is carefully documented on film to create an engaging television drama series that audiences around the world can follow and participate in. The audience gets to vote for the organizations and individuals who will benefit from the proceeds. Teewai-Gold Media LLC will be producing this series with a team of seasoned professionals.

The city of New York will host the maiden workshop of Child Spark Initiative children from African migrant and host communities in the United States of America in the Summer of 2018.


This workshop will be preceded by auditions in seven cities around the tri-State area. A total of fifty-four children will be invited to the workshop which holds in Manhattan.

The participating children are tutored in the art of singing by seasoned musicians and vocalists. They sing "LOVE IS THE GREATEST", the project theme song written by Tope Idowu and arranged by Richard Danley.  They will be performing with a celebrity vocalist and a 35-piece orchestra.


An African children folk song will also be learnt, rehearsed and performed. The instrumentation has been arranged by a music producer from Nigeria who will interface with the children via the internet.


In addition to the singing and performances, the children will acquire goal setting skills through a workshop designed to help children build up their self-esteem, and participate in the production of a stop-motion film based on a children book.

Please connect with us on our YouTube channel for updates.

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