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CHILD SPARK INITIATIVE INC. brings it all to a head this fall with the maiden edition of its performing arts workshop tagged "Project Spark-It-Off". An intensive and fun-filled workshop for pre-teens in the month of November, 2019, the program engages with fourteen gifted children who will be tutored in choral singing, dance, television production and superhero/cartoon character development. 



  1. Develop singing skills and perform in a choral presentation with a thirty-five piece orchestra

  2. Develop dancing skills through participation in a unique blend of African dance and Ballroom dance routine

  3. Acquire basic skills in presentation and television production through the creation and production of a mini-TV magazine series

  4. Participate in the development and production superhero characters



  1. Music (Choral Singing)

  2. Choreography

  3. Online TV Magazine Show Production

  4. Design Your Superhero

  5. Drama



  1. “Love Is The Greatest” – a musical video featuring participating children and an orchestra of twenty-five musicians with footage from the US, the Caribbean Islands and Africa

  2. Superheroes - a collection of illustrations inspired through a creative process that distills creative ideas from participants based on their vision to create a better world and help other children 

  3. Bright & Beautiful – the pilot episode of a television magazine program for children by children

  4. The Beautiful Gift – a storytelling presentation by an elderly African woman, rendered in the traditions of African storytelling for children

  5. An End-of-Workshop Event featuring performances by the children presenting features from different aspects of the workshop experience


Thanks for submitting!

If you are interested in your child auditioning for a spot in this workshop, please complete this form. We will get back to you within 24 hours with details on the next step to take.




  • Interested participants should love performing arts

  • Being shy does not mean a child is not talented or gifted in the arts

  • There will be an interview/audition to ascertain the child can go through the program





  • This workshop is free for participants

  • Spaces are limited to fourteen participants





  • Each day will run for five hours with one hour for breaks and refreshment

  • There are five sessions in all excluding the performance day

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