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Child Spark Initiative, Inc. announces its performing arts workshop for children tagged "Project SPARK-IT-OFF". This creative workshop takes place this fall at Ripley Grier Studios in Manhattan, New York. "We have prepared adequately for the children we have invited to this workshop" said Tope Idowu, the Executive Director. "We believe that every child is gifted and creative. This is why our strategy is to help them discover the greatness that they all carry."

This workshop will run over four Saturdays in November, starting on November 9. Workshop activities include singing, choreography, superhero illustration and television presentation. This promises to be an unforgettable experience for every participant. The sessions will be conducted by seasoned professionals with proven record in working with children.

"The workshop ends on December 7 with a special event the following week to celebrate the season" added Tope Idowu.

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